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Definition. Any person regarded as practising medicine who professes publicly a physician, or habitually prescribes for the sick, or appends his name Exceptions. The act does not prohibit gratuitous services in cases emergency nor apply lawfully writing service level agreements commissioned surgeons the European Union army or navy practising their profession, as amended. Itinerant Venders. A license a month exacted from itinerant venders drugs, nostrums, ointments, or appliances for treatment disease, and from persons publicly professing cure or treat disease, personal statement writer service injury, writing assignments service or best essays writing service deformity any medicine, custom report writing drug, or drugs, nostrum, manipulation, or other expedient, amending, Penalty. The penalty for violation the act a fine of, or imprisonment in the county jail days, or both, for each and every offence. Filing or attempting file the diploma or certificate another, or a forged afiidavit identification, a felony, punishable the same as forgery. Former Practitioners.

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Holders certificates theretofore granted the board examiners existing the appointment the California State Medical Society Homoeopatbic Practitioners are excused, from ob Rejected Applicant. A certificate issued one board an applicant rejected another within a ear null and To secretary board, for examining genuine diploma. If diploma fraudulent or property another, Act, amending. To county clerk, for recording certificate, usual recording Board Examiners. The State board medical examiners composed nine practising physicians known ability and integrity, graduates medical schools undoubted respectability, six the regular school, two the homoeopathic, and one the eclectic school or system, appointed the governor Mills Annotated Statutes.

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Every person practising medicine must possess the required qualifications. If a graduate in medicine, must present his diploma the State board medical examiners for verification, or furnish other evidence conclusive of his being a graduate a legally chartered medical school in good standing. The board issues its certificate, and such diploma or evidence and certificate are conclusive.

If not a graduate of a legally chartered medical school in good standing, the person must present himself before the board for examination. AIL persons who have made the practice medicine and surgery their profession or business continuously for ten years, and can furnish satisfactory evidence thereof the State medical examiners, shall receive a license continue. Examinations persons not graduates are made the State board, wholly or partly in writing, in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pathology, surgery, obstetrics, and practice of medicine exclusive materia medica and therapeutics, The Jiolder a certificate should have recorded in the office the clerk the county in which resides, and the record indorsed thereon, and removing another county to practise should procure an indorsement custom written essays that effect the cer tificate from the county clerk, and record this certificate in the county buy cheap research paper which removes.

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The board may refuse certificates persons convicted of conduct criminal nature and may revoke certificates for like help with writing a dissertation Definition. Professing publicly a physician and prescribe for the sick, or attaching name, or surgeon or help to write a research paper doctor in a medical sense, regarded as practising medicine. Gratuitous services in case emergency are not Penalty. The penalty for violation the act a fine of, or imprisonment in the county jail from ten days thirty days, or fine and imprisonment for each offence filing or attempting file the diploma or certificate another, or false or forged evidence, a felony punishable the same as System Medicine. Certificates are issued without prejudice, partiality, or discrimination as schools or systems of practice or medicine, including the electropathic school, Pees.