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He may also testify that a person was ill and was his patient, that attended as physician, and can state when It has been said that where the evidence justifies the conclusion that information regarding the patient acquired while attending in a professional capacitj, not essential to show formal proof that the information was necessary. The privilege established law a rule evidence, and not a regulation a physician's general conduct outside a proceeding in which rules evidence are applicable.

The courts have, however, not hesitated intimate that a physician's duty observe the same secrecy in his general walk The physician may testify as an expert hypothetical questions submitted him regarding facts which might equally true any other person than his patient, and excluding from his consideration privileged knowledge. And may also testify as matters which came his knowledge before or after or independent his employment as physician, or which were immaterial his acting in a professional capacity, and as which his patient could have had no reasonable ground for believing that they were necessarily disclosed in order that the physician might act. It the patient's privilege and not the physician's buy a research paper now and, therefore, the physician not absolutely incompetent as a witness, and has no right refuse testify. But where a party may object and then will not be forced disclose his patient's confidence. In Indiana has been held that where the patient testifies essay paper help in an action against his physician for malpractice the physician then at liberty testify or introduce any other witness to testify concerning the matters in controversy. In Michigan, a physician who was plaintiff in a libel suit was not permitted insist upon the privilege prevent the disclosure his maltreatment his patient or what other physicians had discovered with regard visits his The measure the physician's exemption and liability in testifying the language the statute, and not his idea his dutj his patient or the patient's injunctions confidence or In some the States there are statutory provisions entitling physicians sue for compensation for their professional services. The statutes regarding privileged communications are construed together with these. There seems no reason why a physician's right action for his services and medicines should not survive the prohibition his evidence but would seem that cannot as a witness in such an action testify regarding privileged matter. But can cheap essay online prove It doubtless due considerations public policy that the statutes changing the common-law rule have been enacted but they have not proved an unalloyed benefit, and some their features have brought about conditions which in some cases have embarrassed the medicine justice. The law in New York taken for illustration formerly cut off the safest means ascertaining the mental condition and competency a testator now precludes a physician from disclosing the condition his patient who a lunatic or habitual drunkard though it the most satisfactory evidence shuts out much testimony tending show fraud in insurance cases precludes a physician from stating the cause his patient's death, though there no longer any secrecy connected with for the law makes it the duty the physician make, for filing with essay editing tips the local board health, a certificate the probable cause the death a patient. It has been the subject much adverse criticism, but all such considerations are properh addressed the legislature and not the courts. It seems the most farreaching in its exclusion, and though has been the longest in existence, was modified at the legislative sessions, and, a fact which tends show that there was sound Note. This synopsis designed contain especially those provisions the statutes which regulate the right practise medicine and surgery. It not intended include provisions regulating apothecaries, druggists, chemists, and dentists, or the sale drugs, medicines, and poisons nor provisions for the organization and procedure boards medical examiners, except far as they regulate the requirements demanded from applicants for permission practise nor provisions with reference the duties clerks or registrars in the preparation and safe-keeping records in their care nor those defining the duties members boards, and punishing the misconduct of such members nor those prescribing qualifications for appointment the public medical service nor former laws not now applicable candidates nor regulations the form certificates or licenses, where the issuing them committed to some public functionary or body nor provisions with reference the powers and disabilities local institutions confer diplomas or degrees, nor with reference medical patients except as candidates for admission practise. In the synopsis words the masculine gender are uniformly professional article writing services used except when the law research paper writing service cheap its terms makes a distinction between men and women, in which case the distinction indicated.

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The board censors the Medical Association the State Alabama and the board censors the county medical societies in affiliation with the said association are boards medical examiners Code.

In the absence such board medical examiners in any county, the county commissioners may establish a board from three to seven physicians good standing, resident in the county, whose autliority shall terminate whenever a board organized in accordance with the constitution and in affiliation with said association.

Where the board examiners constituted as provided, must issue a license practise medicine in an one or more its branches in the county, if examination the applicant found duly qualified, and good moral character. In a county having only the medical board provided for in, a regular graduate a medical college in the United States, having a diploma, entitled practise medicine without a license, upon recording his diploma in the office the judge probate the county. A license issued the last-mentioned board must recorded in the office the judge probate the county. The license or diploma, after record, evidence of authority if the original lost, a certified copy the record sufficient evidence. Without a certificate of qualification from the board provided for, except as above provided, no person can lawfully practise medicine in any its branches or departments as a profession or means of livelihood.

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