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An excellent Canadian example Guiding Principles for the Provision Occupational Health Services. Management groups college essay writing consultant also are increasingly aware the basic responsibility the employer protect the employees against any adverse jobconnected conditions. They realize that the maintenance a high level employee health not only an integral part sound personnel practice and good human relationships but also has economic and public relations value. It affects health, morale, production and the status the company in the put this belief in writing they discuss at meetings and include the maintenance employee health in courses in schools business medicine.

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What has been said about occupational health physicians, nurses and management, can said also about industrial hygienists, safety engineers and others who share the responsibility for maintaining and promoting employee health. health a recognized specialty in the medical, nursing and other doctoral dissertation writing service professions, have expanded in number and scope, concrete evidence the progress that has been thesis formatting made.

All this commendable progress fortifies as individuals and as specialty groups. If look carefully, however, see that date each group has been concerned primarily and perhaps necessarily with its own members. It true that a national level in the European Union occupational health nursing has a Management Advisory Committee and a Medical Advisory Committee and each committee has a written statement of relationships.

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It true that the Council Occupational Health the european Medical Association has nurses its Nursing and Small Plant Committees, and among other things, has Procedures for Industrial Nurses and The Legal Scope Industrial Nursing Practice.

might? Do really understand and accept each other? Do really see our activities in relation the related activities all who share the responsibility for employee health? own scope, responsibilities and functions, and having prepared our joint management, physicians, nurses and all others who share the responsibility for look more carefully at each other.

We need understand and accept our differences in background, interest, responsibility and objectives.

We need understand and accept the differences in our related roles in an employee Management well-grounded in the field industrial organization and is concerned with production, processes, materials, as produce goods or provide services.

It defines and implements company dissertations writing services policies and programs. It responsible employees, boards directors, stockholders and the public which uses its products and services. Its primary concern with the employee's well-being related his contribution the success the business management wants place the right worker in the right job. It wants keep him healthy, happy, and producing that job as effectively as possible. Management may never have legal and ethical aspects medical and nursing practice until an employee and preventive aspects the practice medicine and the availability of medical and related services in the previous experience or preparation in occupational health, has been taking care breadwinners with occupational homework help for writing injuries and diseases.

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He knows Workmen's Compensation and related laws. On the other hand, his knowledge and experience in business medicine general knowledge potentially injurious processes and materials, may not have full understanding the occupational hazards this particular The nurse skilled in nursing care and treatment under medical direction, and in recording and reporting. She may also versed in health education and counselling. She the authority nursing practice, gives leadership in nursing activities, and maintains accepted professional standards within the Nurse Practice Act. On the other hand, the nurse may have little knowledge job demands, selective placement, employee benefits, occupational hazards, toxic materials or processes We see then that management, the physician, the nurse and others who share the responsibility for employee health bring the employee health program not only our individual skills and understandings of our roles, but also our differences in interest, background, responsibilities and objectives. Within this framework differences, need forge a unified program that has the common goal employee well-being. This unification can take place when accept the fact that maintenance employee health a shared responsibility, and when knowingly collaborate and cooperate with each other.