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Universities provide courses that are especially valuable people who, having practised dissertations a profession, feel the need return for more.

Far more research now undertaken in an academic institution. For nurses, no doubt there still much studied in. Instructors are trained.

In field as well as yours, the greatest lack that teachers long and varied practical experience who have one or preferably two academic degrees beyond the baccalaureate. These three and other benefits accrue slowly and in spite severe outcries such as Too much theory and not enough practice in university courses are too costly courses are too lengthy attract sufficient recruits. Our experience in the College Education in British Columbia has been that, in the six years following the change-over, total enrollments have risen.

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We are preparing nearly three times as many course, I admit that need help in essay enrolments in Canadian universities have been showing comparable increases in many other faculties.

I would like assure everyone that practice teaching, website that writes an essay for you which Is equivalent and just as essential as your clinical experience, has not been short-changed. Statistics from the Victoria College Director's report show that total observation and practice teaching in the one-year Victoria hours. Our present two-year elementary program includes of observation and practice teaching a write my persuasive paper increa. sc in practical Canada's pionecr-typc programs for professional training will scarcely suit future demands.

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True professionals of the future will require more than three years beyond high school graduation.

if only because their clients will be much better educated. It possible that before long senior matriculation or first year arts and science, will be help on writing an essay a requirement for admission both teacher education and nursing education. At present our teachers are required have at least two university courses in English, one in Canadian history and one in science.

I feel strongly that liberalizing courses should.

not too specialized. I opposed to English for engineers, Canadian history for teachers, sociology for nurses. accommodate all pre-professionals. As a non-scientist, I would like have a course in the history and philosophy of science, in scientific method, and in the application and meaning science our day. Universities are prone to give freshman chemistry for potential chemists, zoology essay about military service for premedical patients, and yet these are the only courses available all other freshmen. Some sort compromise, without a lowering standards, would, I confess, difficult achieve. Nevertheless, should try, experiment, and avoid falling into Snow's definition The european cultural climate a mood caution and complacency rather than one moral audacity and I assume that your Association has considered and will continue study the possibilities introducing more Doubtless you are in favor the university nursing course that began at UBC and that now offered in many Canadian universities. I gather that you are in favor having all final controls the candidate's program vested in the school nursing in order, partly, that a varied clinical experience in many institutions and areas may planned for the patient.