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Diagnosis, life histories parasites and their vectors, and control measures are considered. Hours arranged. Field Work in Cuba.

The reciprocal agreement with the University Havana, whereby third and fourth-year cpa coursework medical patients were given an opportunity spend six weeks in Cuba in the summer as guests the University help essay Havana must held in abeyance for the time being because the war emergency. It anticipated that as soon as conditions return normal, this splendid opportunity will again be The teaching Radiology consists didactic lectures and section work in connection with clinical clerkships. The lectures are given during the second year the class as a whole. They emphasize the fundamental principles diagnosis, X-ray national honor society essay help and Radium Therapy. Sufficient fundamental scientific paper writing services Physics covered make these principles university assignment writing service intelligible.

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Emphasis placed the indications and limitations the methods and how they should applied the best advantage the patient.

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The relationship Radiology other branches medicine also discussed. In addition X-ray diagnosis the use Radium and X-ray Therapy for malignant conditions is given attention.

The use X-ray Therapy in the treatment inflammatory and other miscellaneous pathological processes also covered.

The section teaching conducted in the third year with the exception the work in Obstetrics and Gynecology which comes in the fourth year. The teaching given small groups, and during each hour a subject covered, and the patient encouraged bring in radiographs current cases pertaining the subject under discussion.

Instruction in X-ray and Radium Therapy conducted along similar lines.

The patient given specific and hypothetical cases where X-ray and Radium Therapy might employed.

Attention paid the use X-ray Therapy in inflammatory conditions and as an analgesic agent as well as in malignancy. The contraindications for X-ray and Radium Therapy are discussed. During the section work there will a certain amount required reading. This consists the study normal and typical radiographs, and a museum has been organized specifically for this purpose. The Museum has a wide assortment various pathological material and constantly being enlarged. There a series normals the various anatomical regions constantly available. Elective courses are offered in the fourth year in most phases of diagnosis and therapy. They are arranged in far as possible to suit the wishes the individual patient. In the third year patients will spend five mornings a week for one term as clinical clerks the surgical wards.