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If during any year the income from above fund not used, as above stated, then said income may used for such research work, or otherwise, copy writing services as in the judgment the faculty or trustees may deemed best. John and Katherine Mayer Scholarship Fund. A five thousand dollar fund established, the income from which is annually available meritorious patients who need its aid, and who have completed one or more years the regular medical course. The award for one year only, but tenable for a second or third year, services essay providing the qualifications the candidate merit a re-award. If during any year the income from the above fund not used, as above stated, then said income may used for such research work, or otherwise, as in the judgment the faculty or trustees may deemed best. The Jeremiah Ferguson Scholarship. Established in memory Jeremiah Ferguson, who throughout his long connection with the Medical College, somewhat more than forty years, devoted much effort helping patients with their individual problems and promoting their professional careers.

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The fund amounts, the income from which approximately a year, shall awarded annually by the Committee Scholarships and Prizes a patient or patients in the third and fourth year classes in the Medical College who are in need financial aid and who conduct and scholarship have proved.

The Charles Rupert Stockard Scholarship.

A ten thousand dollar fund was established a friend the late Charles Rupert Stockard, Professor Anatomy in the University Medical College.

The interest this fund awarded either one patient approximately or two patients approximately each who have shown promise in the work in the Department Anatomy and who custom handwriting paper are desirous doing advanced work in this department.

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The scholarships are awarded the Executive Faculty upon nomination the head the Department Anatomy.

The Dr. John Heim Scholarships.

Established under the will John Heim the class and provide such number free scholarships pay someone to write paper in the medical college as there shall funds available for the purpose.

The awards are made regularly matriculated medical patients good scholarship and who are in need financial assistance. The terms the bequest provide that After determining the patient's eligibility for one such scholarships, a competitive examination or examinations applicable the respective grade such patient shall given, and the scholarship shall awarded the respective order merit as determined such examinations. Each scholarship shall in an amount adequate pay the necessary cost tuition, laboratory fees, and prescribed books required during the specific year. First year patients are eligible, provided they meet the Established in memory their daughter, Anita Shirley Hyde. The terms this endowment provide that the income available annually meritorious patients who have completed one year the regular medical course and are in need assistance. It further stipulated the donors that the scholarship available at once that they propose subscribe annually for this purpose until such time as the terms the bequest become effective and that if during any year apa papers for sale the income from the fund shall not used for scholarship purposes, the same may used for research work or otherwise as may determined the Board Trustees after consultation the President of the University and the Dean the College. class, who was killed in action August, at Guadalcanal while in the performance his duty. The income from this fund shall awarded annually a meritorious patient the Cornell University Medical College who has completed at least one year of work, who needs its aid and who, in the opinion the Faculty, merits the recognition for which this scholarship was established. The Marie and John Zimmerman Fund A considerable sum from this fund has been available this year certain women patients as a memorial Marie Zimmerman, Sr. The candidates were chosen in accordance with the purposes the donor as set forth in the following It the desire the Fund that Dr.