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The content this course consists lectures and demonstrations covering the anatomy and physiology the female reproductive system the physiology and pathology pregnancy, labor, and puerperium and the etiology, pathology, and diagnosis the diseases the pelvic structures. This course comprises best essay writing service website practical work in obstetrics and gynecology and the sequel the theoretical instruction offered the third year patients.

Each patient will live in the Woman's Clinic for a period two months, during which time will act as a clinical assistant in the obstetrical and gynecological departments, hospital wards, and delivery and operating rooms. He will provided with sleeping accommodations, but not with board. The practical work includes the prenatal care many patients, attending them in labor, their delivery, as well as following them throughout the course essay services the puerperium. Facilities are also provided for the patient examine gynecological patients, and follow these patients through diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Because the nature the service, night and holiday work required. Minimum hours allotted the course. PRACTICAL OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY.. A certain number patients will accepted serve as assistants in the clinic.

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Courses can arranged in the chemical, bacteriological, and pathological laboratories for the study specific research problems. The special clinics provide teaching facilities for clinical investigation in Carcinoma, Endocrinology, Heart Disease, Toxemia, X-ray need help to write an essay Pelvimetry, Sterility and other allied sciences. The various Rounds and Staff Conferences can attended.

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Encouragement given original work according the departmental facilities and the patient's capabilities, and in general will designed The department pathology occupies three floors the central part the college building, conveniently located above the library and in immediate contact with the hospital, the autopsy room being in the connecting wing between college and hospital.

The teaching largely concentrated the third floor, where the autopsy room, demonstration room for pathological anatomy, anatomical museum, and class rooms are found.

The fourth and fifth floors are chiefly unit laboratories for staff members and patients and for technical preparation.

In addition, animal quarters and facilities for experimental work are the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors.

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The museum contains a carefully selected collection specimens, representing most the common and many the more unusual pathological lesions. It especially rich in lesions bones and in tumors. In addition this mounted collection, there available a very considerable amount constantly changing gross material for The postmortem service the New York Hospital affords abundant opportunity for study pathological anatomy and its relation clinical medicine. The systematic i need to write an essay about myself custom written paper records autopsies performed at the New York Hospital have been preserved since and in recent years protocols and microscopic slides have been carefully indexed and filed. Instruction. The course instruction given in the second and third terms the second year. Gross and histological lesions are studied and their pathogenesis and correlation with disturbed function considered.