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Since the law forbidding interested persons from being witnesses has been changed, has been suggested that an interested person although otherwise qualified might not a competent witness give an opinion as an expert. But the established doctrine that may give such an opinion the weight however, would for the jury determine. the witness who proposed as an expert has expressed an opinion the subject in hand contrary that which has given upon the witness-stand, and the question has been raised as best custom writing service establishing that fact at the outset and before his testimony goes before the jury, in order enable the trial judge to determine whether competent. The rule in that case is that the testimony as his prior expression opinion not received at that time, but will come properly as rebuttal, having been asked upon his cross-examination, giving time and place, whether has made the statements attributed him. An expert witness may in other respects be impeached like any other witness, that the oaths persons who know him and have known his assignment writers in usa reputation, and who testify that his reputation for truth and veracity best essay cheap bad and that they would not believe him under oath. He may also impeached producing witnesses prove that his special knowledge or technical skill not reliable or adequate the undertaking which has assumed. But this testimony must from personal knowledge the man and not from general reputation.

General Rule as Required Amount Skill and Experience Stated. The general rule may stated thus, as derived from these and other authorities This latter case holds that a sec part his direct examination, but ond expert may called testify as i art his cross-examination, after the first has been thus chal A medical expert sometimes lenged, support his capacity and confronted upon the witness-stand skill.

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The contrary rule, however, long quotations from well known obtains in Alabama cheap essays to buy Tellis medical text-books, and asked. Neither can an ex there laid down are sound. contradicted books cially this done that books science triues and inions are in apparent introduced in buying papers evidence as such discord with his evidence as he Wharton Evidence. gives In such cases as this, how This because the rule well ever honest, however intelligent and established that books, although non-partisan the witness may be great authority in themselves, may except as any opinion one side aot, even if proven such, or the other a disputed question placed in evidence.

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They may, may considered partisan, is however, best websites to buy essays read the witness, placed in a very difficult position, and placed upon the record, IE the citations and questions are passage passage, and the witness from well-known authors, and is may asked whether agrees a modest man, as most men learn help writing thesis statement with that doctrine, not, however, as ing are, will difficult for him The extent the previous study and investigation, and the amount skill and information which must shown, will depend upon the facts each particular case. But some special and peculiar knowledge or skill must established, the amount determined the trial judge in his discretion. The possession such knowledge and skill presumed in medico-legal cases if the witness a licensed practitioner.

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Some Practical Suggestions as Conduct Witnesses the Stand. In this preliminary examination, the conduct how to buy a college essay and demeanor the witness are no little importance, because then and there that makes his first impression upon the court and jury. He should perfectly open and unreserved in stating his means special information, in explaining what are the limits his personal experience and the extent his reading but, at the same time, would well for him to avoid all appearance self-glorification and all tendency to exaggerate his individual acquirements. Often has occurred that expert witnesses undoubted capacity and honesty, who are unfortunately grandiose and self-assertive in their manner, have, however buy essay writing honest and able they might lost entirely their weight with the court and jury undue self-complacency and exaggeration their personal qualifications, during their preliminary examination.

This a matter requiring tact and judgment and nerve, and should fully understood between deny that sucli authorities as what insanity and having these have great weight, even more stated what theories were then the weight free dissertation help than his experience, skill, accepted ones, was confronted by and knowledge entitle him counsel his cross-examination claim. On the other personal statement service medical school hand, if with the question What jou takes the bold course and sticks think Dr. John Gray as an his opinion, cried down the authority that question? and winds counsel in summing him then with his own writings, quite as a man gall, boldness, au extensive, many years before, in dacity and egotism. His course which had advocated theories difficult whichever way tux'us, apparently different from those but modesty as well as honesty which had professed upon the usually the best policy. Perhaps witness-stand.