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If after recording any diploma shall come the knowledge the clerk making the record, or any other judicial or executive officer the State, that the record was obtained by fraud or misrepresentation, shall his duty institute before the said court record proceedings have such record reversed, and the holder the diploma shall judged guilty Exceptions.

The act does not affect the standing any one practising at the time its passage virtue a license under the then existing law, nor any one then legally engaged in the practice medicine and surgery, nor does prevent midwives from practising their calling or any one else from giving such simple domestic remedies as they are in the habit Examinations.

The constituted State board medical examiners authorized examine persons having no diploma from a paraphrasing means medical college, and if found qualified practise medicine and surgery issue a certificate entitling the holder to practise in this State.

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No discrimination schools of medicine allowed. Any person who prescribes or administers medicine except as provided deemed a physician Penalty.

The violation this act a misdemeanor punishable with a fine. Each day practice a separate offence.

Date. The act took effect ninety who will write my essay days after its passage, best college essay writing service To the county clerk, for recording. For certificate record the county clerk not allowed to Qualification.

Homework help creative writing

Every person practising medicine or surgery in any its departments must present his diploma the board examiners with affidavits.

If the board finds all facts required stated in the affidavit true, issues a certificate conclusive in any part the State, amending. The secretary the board receives applications.

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The board issues certificates all who furnish satisfactory proof having received diplomas or licenses from legally chartered medical institutions in good standing. The medical society the State, the eclectic medical society the State, and the State homoeopathic medical society each appoint annually a board seven examiners who must regular graduates, amending, The board examines diplomas as genuineness.

The affidavit help for writing accompanying the diploma must state that the applicant its lawful possessor, and the person therein named that the writing service diploma was procured in the regular course medical instruction and without fraud or misrepresentation any kind, and that the medical institution granting had, at the time of granting the same, a full corps medical instructors, and was at said time a legally incorporated institution, actually and in good faith engaged in the business medical education, and in good standing english paper help as a medical institution, and that the applicant had complied with all the requirements said institution. The affidavit may taken before any person authorized to administer oaths, and must attested under the hand and official seal the officer, if have a seal. The board may hear such further testimony as they deem proper hear as to the verification the diploma or the identity the person, or the manner in which the diploma was procured, and if appears that any fact stated in the affidavit untrue, the application rejected. No board entertains an application rejected another a rejected application cannot renewed for at least one year, as amended, no certificates are granted except persons presenting diplomas or licenses from custom coursework writing legally chartered medical institutions in good Certificates must recorded in the county residence and the record indorsed thereon. A person removing another county practise must procure an indorsement that effect his certificate help writing an essay for college from the county clerk, and must record the certificate in the county which removes. The board refuses certificates individuals guilty unprofessional conduct. The applicant given an opportunity to heard, citation the attendance witnesses may compelled subpoena witnesses may examined at the hearing either side, and either side may examine medical experts as whether such conduct unprofessional if appears the satisfaction the board that online writing service the applicant guilty the unprofessional conduct set out in the citation, no certificate can granted. No application refused for unprofessional conduct more than one year before the application. If the holder a certificate guilty unprofessional conduct, the certificate must revoked board granting no revocation valid without similar proceedings the foregoing?.