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This case however, close the border line, and may well criticised and denied cheap write my essay its apparent full weight authority, notwithstanding the very great learning and ability the learned Judge Folger, who wrote the opinion, upon the ground that appears that the father had as a witness expressly denied calling in the plaintiff or authorizing anybody call him in, or authorizing the employment a consulting physician, and that the trial the Court had found upon the whole testimony in the case that the defendant had never employed the plaintiff.

Taking the decision as a whole cannot be regarded as determining thai upon such a set circumstances as is there disclosed, the father could not in any event have been held liable, but rather that the trial court having found upon the whole testimony that the defendant was not liable, having witnesses before fully able judge their capability, the appellate court could not say as a matter buy research proposal papers law that a finding in favor the defendant should overruled. This case considered here at some length chiefly for the purpose affording an illustration pay you to do my homework physicians and surgeons which will suggest them the advisability care in ascertaining in all cases who responsible for their charge for services. in which the Court held that where there was great necessity for the employment a surgeon, the conductor a train has authority to employ the surgeon, if the conductor the highest officer in rank on the ground at the time.

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But in that case the Court expressly states tliat this liability grows out the exigencies the case not out of Authority Railroad Physician Employ Nurses, etc. Doubtful.

It writing essays services has also been disputed whether the authority the company's physician extended far enough render the company liable for services performed nurses employed him, or for board and lodging engaged him for injured employees.

but in that case testimony appeared tending show that an agent of the company who had authority employ the physician had authorized him employ two nurses. The converse doctrine namely, that the fact that a physician the company was authorized buy medi cines the credit the company does not authorize the inference that has power render the company liable a contract for board and nursing a person injured the company's road was held On the other hand, where a physician and surgeon has been duly employed a sub-officer or servant the railroad company, ratification this employment, those having authority employ him and render the company liable, will inferred from slight circumstances. Such was the case Louisville Co.

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McVeigh, which has And in another case where information the fact the employment had been conveyed the company's general manager, and he had neglected and omitted repudiate the employment or terminate and the surgeon went and performed services, was held that from these facts a ratification will inferred.

Presumption Liability.

The presentation a bill a person containing charges against him for services rendered another person, and his retention that bill without disclaimer liability, does not raise a presumption liability, for is not necessarily an account stated. To constitute an account stated, there must not only a statement account, cheap custom term papers but acquiescence mere retention the account not sufficient. Bills Presented Not Conclusive as Amounts Charged. On the other hand, if a bill presented hich contains charges which are not acquiesced in, the person making out and presenting the bill not absolutely bound the charges therein contained, although such a bill affords some evidence as the value the services rendered.

a deceased person, like any other debt. In some States a preferred claim. In this connection should observed that short statutes limitation exist in most countries and States applicable such cases, shorter than the ordinary limitation imposed law upon the right sue upon claims for services rendered which six years. In order preserve his legal rights, the physician should as soon as possible after the death the person for whom his services have been rendered, ascertain academic ghostwriter who the administrator or executor the estate of such person, and file with such representative, personally, proof Patient who Receives Benefit Services Consulting Physician Liable. The liability a patient for the services a consulting physician generally governed the same rules as his liability the sician in immediate charge of Where the patient accepts the services a consulting physician, although has not directly requested them, must pay for them if receives the benefit them without objecting, because will presumed that ratified the act the physician who was in charge the case, in calling the other But, however this may a principle professional ethics, which has almost acquired the authority legal doctrine, that a physician in charge a case should obtain the fuU assent a patient, or his family and friends, if too ill give his own consent, the calling another sician in No Other Stranger can Called into Sick-Boom ivithout Assent Patient. A limitation upon the authority and right an attending physician that if desires or attempts to call in a stranger not a physician, must obtain his help me write a thesis sentence patient's And has been held that a de Grain Baudouin, supra Shelcedent's estate liable for fees ton Johnson, Iowa, Garryexpert, who direction probate Stadlen. court examined widow who can write my essay for me and testified And a physician may recover the as her pregnancy. This notice value services rendered his was put upon the ground that his patients. People Monroe, testimony was necessary for the inconsent.