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The physician recommends the objectives.

He then suggests the functions that are consistent with these objectives, bearing in mind employee needs, existing legislation, standards established the medical profession and the availability of community medical services.

He also recommends the place the employee health service in the company organization as well as the administrative The correlated responsibilities the nurse are participate in determining the objectives recommend nursing functions that are consistent with the standards established the nursing profession and interpret nursing implications company administrative The correlated responsibilities of management in this activity are consider the reconmiendations the physician and the nurse and then, in collaboration with them and others, to formulate a basic statement objectives. From this, the scope the employee health program activities, the place the program in the total company organization and the company administrative policies can defined As a result correlating this item, the nurse sees the scope and place of her nursing activities in relation to standards established the medical profession and in relation the company's objectives for the employee dimension in occupational health practice when the responsibilities management, the physician, the nurse and others are defined and correlated by function.

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If were follow the correlations through all the functions, would see that management, the physician and the nurse have responsibilities for every function.

These responsibilities not only are related, they are interrelated and interdependent. When understand and accept this. That have a new guide for management, the physician, the nurse and others when a new employee heath program is established.

case study writing help It answers questions, such as What services should provided in an employee health program? Who should perform them? What are management responsibilities? What does the paper writing help online physician together? The wide scope activities underscores the need for careful selection of a professional staff with the ability and training help on essays carry out these medical and nursing responsibilities. By the same token, places over-all policy decision-making upon management and indicates the importance assigning the company responsibilities a top-level member management.

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That have a new yardstick evaluate an existing program. Correlated activities in an employee health program can suggest new or different activities. It can provide documentary support bolster a recommendation or show the potential scope an employee health program.

It can support the nurse in relinquishing medical and management responsibilities that may have been thrust upon her or that she may patients medicine, nursing and management what involved in this aspect of occupational health practice.

It can help them learn about individual and related activities that are uniquely a part employee health programs. That have a new resource for workshops, conferences and in-service education programs.

From this total statement, patients can select their individual problem areas and ask for discussion and assistance. help with writing a dissertation The program director can use this as a reference or show how one aspect fits into a total program. Finally, in all four areas, helps focus our common goal the well-being the employee. used this new tool in these various ways? We, as professional and management groups, would work together better understand each other and to find ways collaborate and cooperate. best resume writing services nyc We would integrate this concept into our current literature and education, and put into day-to-day practice. AU these suggested uses for this new statement correlation remind me the wag who said, After all said with occupational health practice has defined its scope, objectives and functions. And this a tremendous accomplishment! In the new publication. Correlated Activities in an Employee Health Program, these various definitions have been placed side side and our responsibilities have been correlated. Now that have said this much, our next step, perhaps a giant step, is something about this new dimension correlation.