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A physician not an insurer a cure, and is not tried for the result his remedies. His only contract treat the case with reasonable diligence and skill. If more than this expected must expressly stipulated for.. The general rule, therefore, that a medical man, who attends for a fee, liable for such want ordinary care, diligence or skill his part as leads the injury his patient.

To render him liable, not enough that there has been a less degree of skill than some other medical man might have shown, or a less degree care than even himself might have bestowed nor is enough that himself acknowledged some essay writing service legal degree want of care there must have been a want competent and ordinary care and skill, and such a degree as have led a bad result.. But a professed physician or surgeon bound to use not only such skill as has, but have a reasonable degree skill. The law will not countenance quackery and although the law cheapest custom writing does not require the most thorough education or the largest experience, does require that an uneducated, ignorant man shall not, under the pretence being analysis essay help a wellqualified physician, attempt recklessly and blindly administer medicines or perform surgical operations. If the practitioner, however, frankly informs his patient his want of skill, or the patient in some other way fully aware the latter cannot complain the lack that which knew did Average Standard dissertation ideas special needs Skill any Professed School must Attained.

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It also a rule that one who professes adhere a particular school must come its average standard, and must judged its tests, and in the light the present day.

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Thus a physician who would practise the reckless and indiscriminate bleeding which was in high repute not very many years ago, or should shut a patient in fever and deny all cooling drinks, would doubtless find the old practice a poor excuse for his imbecility.

So, if a professed homoeopathist should violate all the canons homoeopathy, would be bound show some very good reasons for his conduct, if it was attended with injurious effects.

Upon many points of medical and surgical practice i need to buy an essay all the schools are agreed, and indeed common sense and universal experience prescribe some invariable rules, violate which may generally called gross negligence. Yet the patient cannot justly complain if gets only that quality and kind service for which bargains.

If employs a custom coursework writing cheap man, must expect cheap service. Puffendorf, in his Law Nature and Nations, observes We read a pleasant story a man who had sore eyes and came to a horse-doctor for relief. The doctor anointed his eyes with the same ointment used among his horses, upon which the man falls blind, and the cause brought before the judge, who acquits the physician. For if the fellow, says had not been an ass had never applied himself a horse-doctor.

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an action at law, whether brought a physician recover for his services, or a patient recover for malpractice or neglect, always a question fact, determined the jury under proper instructions as the measure care and. skill required, whether or not the physician has in a given case used that degree care and displayed that amount skill which might reasonably expected a man ordinary ability and professional skill. These same rules apply the surgeon. He must possess and exercise that degree knowledge and sense which the leading authorities have announced, as a result their researches and experiments the time, or within a reasonable time before, the issue or question dissertation editing service be Justice Tyndall enunciated the rule as the degree skill required a physician or surgeon, which has been followed by all the courts since then. He said Every person who enters into a learned profession undertakes bring the exercise of a reasonable degree care and skill. He does not, if i an attorney, undertake at all events gain the cause, nor does a surgeon undertake that will perform a cure nor does the latter undertake use the highest possible degree skill, as there may persons higher education and greater advantages than himself but undertakes bring a fair, reasonable and competent degree skill. And in an action against him a patient, the question for the jury whether the injury complained must referred a want proper degree of skill and care in the defendant, or not. Hence never presumed engage for extraordinary skill, or for extraordinary diligence and care.