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Such a case is that Hoijt Hoyt, where the testimonj physicians was admitted show the attitude their patient toward his daugh ter and their advice him concerning her, the evidence being for the purpose showing the testator's i need help with my paper opinion and not th physicians'. It has also been held that a statement made a patient the physician's last visit as what occurrred at the time the patient was injured, tending show contributory negligence, was not necessary information. And a physician's evidence the declaration his patient as making a will and the doctor's advice that subject have been admitted.

All questions the competency evidence are solved hy the Court and not the jury. The facts establishing the privilege are presented the Court for its consideration.

In Iowa has been held that a fair trial demands that should not made appear the jury in an action that the patient reluctant waive his privilege, and that therefore the subject-matter waiver has no place in the taking testimony except when introduced the party permitted make and the Court should not allow the patient asked answer under oath whether willing waive his privilege. Whether the duty the Court enforce the privilege where apparent and the patient not present object, is a question that seems variously regarded.

customized writing paper In Indiana a court has refused a new trial for newly discovered evidence of the privileged sort, the ground that if objection were made the new trial would rejected.

But where the evidence a physician contradict another physician, who was witness a will, was received without objection, was said that it should not withdrawn the Court from the consideration the jury or its value commented as matter law. In Michigan, has been said that a commissioner, whose ordinary duty take all evidence offered, should refuse to take this privileged evidence and that should stricken out without motion the judge when returned the commissioner, and that the physician should not allowed violate the privilege.

It has also been held that an order for the compulsory physical examination a person a physician for the purpose testifying should not granted, and that evidence obtained should stricken out, but the ground that was a violation personal liberty, rather than statutory privilege.

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But in New York has been held that where a person voluntarily in an action exhibits an injured part as evidence, the adverse party entitled follow a personal or professional inspection the injured part. In Missouri, has been said that the physician should be told that not at liberty testify as rivileged information. In New York, in an early case in chancery, the chancellor said that a master was wrong in supposing there was legal evidence before him, where a physician had given evidence privileged under the statute but this decision was reversed appeal, the Court Errors saying that as no objection was made before the master a partj, the evidence was competent and legal. This buy college need a ghostwriter essay question seems have been settled in New York the decision in Hoyt Hoy theit the law does not prohibit the examination a physician but prohibits the evidence being received in the face objection, that if no objection is made a party not the province the Court reject the Where appears that privileged information was improperly admitted, not ground for reversal appeal if apparent that the appellant was not injured its reception.

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Where the Court not empowered reject the evidence of its own motion, the objection upon which can reject the objection a party the suit, and doubtless the patient, but not the physician. But because the privilege, has been held that a physician will not ordered turn over his books account a receiver appointed in proceedings supplementary an execution a judgment against him. Nor will examination his books account before trial compelled It the province the courts, however, enforce the law and not legislate grafting exceptions upon They have refused therefore except, judicial decision, from the operation the law, criminal proceedings, testamentary causes, evidence crime in civil actions, cases lunacy and habitual drunkenness and fraud, in all which was urged in argument without effect that the medicine justice was impeded the privilege write my college essay me but where the spirit the law was violated an enforcement its letter and the privilege made a cloak shield the murderer the patient, was held be inapplicable. The courts have also refused mere judicial decision limit the privilege the life the patient. THE EFFECT OF ENFORCING THE PRIVILEGE. The courts are not warranted in admitting incompetent evidence in order prevent the failure justice the exclusion the privileged testimony. A letter written a physician is inadmissible as evidence the privileged facts which states and a certificate the cause death, required law be signed the physician and filed, not admissible prove the cause death in an action in which the physician cannot The making the objection does not raise a presumption against the person making In Iowa has been held that the patient should not interrogated under oath as whether or not will waive his privilege, for the jur ought not be prejudiced against him any show reluctance In Michigan, however, has been held that a patient's essay writing service recommendation failure produce his physician as a witness a legitimate fact for the Where the objection made, the burden proof establish the grounds privilege upon the person objecting. In Missouri has been said that the statement the physician, that cannot separate his impressions received in his relation physician from those received at other times, not in itself sufficient justify the exclusion his evidence that the facts themselves must appear the Court, and might developed proper cross-examination that discrimination could made. But would seem that because the necessarily delicate nature the inquiry, avoid disclosing what the statute forbids, the burden overcome with slight evidence, and inferences and presumptions are freely indulged in aid the privilege for instance, where the physician was not permitted to answer whether did converse with his patient about an injury, or whether made an examination with reference was urged that the objection was prematurely made, but it was held that the fact that the patient consulted a physician on the occasion which the inquiry related, when considered with the nature the questions, justified the exclusion in the absence other proof. But the physician may testify that did attend his patient as physician and may answer the question whether the information was necessary enable him to act in his professional capacity for while his testimony on that point not conclusive, and the Court uses its own judgment in reaching a determination, his testimony competent evidence.