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The terms this endowment provide that the income available annually meritorious patients who have completed one year of the regular medical course and are in need assistance.

It further stipulated the donors that the scholarship available at once that they propose subscribe.

annually for this purpose until such time what is the best site to buy essays as the terms the bequest become effective and that if during any year the income from the fund shall not used for scholarship purposes, the same may used for research work or otherwise as may determined the Board Trustees after consultation the President the University and the Dean the College.

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THE DR. JACQUES SAPHIER SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Established in memory Dr. Jacques Conrad Saphier, Lieutenant USNR the class, who was killed in action August, at Guadalcanal while in the performance his duty. The income from this fund shall awarded annually a meritorious patient blog writing services of the University Medical College has completed at least one year work, who needs its aid and in the opinion the Faculty, merits the recognition for which this scholarship as established. THE ELISE STRANG VESPER AN CE SCHOLARSHIP.

Purdue owl paraphrasing

This award maintained the personal contributions Dr. Elise Strang L'Esperance, whose interests in the educational advancements the Medical College have continued for many years.

The value this scholarship SI, and the award given annually the most outstanding woman best custom writings medical patient in the fourth year class in Cornell University Medical College.

The selection the recipient this scholarship made the Dean in consultation with persons suggested under the original donation.


An annual scholarship S awarded a patient in University Medical College, selected the College the basis scholarship and need, without reference race, color, sex, or creed. In the event the Foundation should discontinue the award, at least one year's notice shall given the Medical College. A special blank issued by The Sagan Foundation should obtained from the Dean's Office by patients making application for this scholarship. THE EDWARD TOLSTOI SCHOLARSHIP. This scholarship, the gift an anonymous donor, provides for an annual award a patient the Medical College selected the Committee on Scholarship and Prizes. The award made the basis scholarship and need, without reference race, color, sex, or creed. Should this award discontinued, get help writing professional business plan at least one year's notice will given to THE MARIE AND JOHN ZIMMERMAN FUND A sum from this fund will available this year certain women buy sociology research paper patients as a memorial Marie Zimmerman, Sr. The candidates writing a thesis outline will chosen in accordance with the purposes the donor as set forth in the following It the desire the Fund that Dr. Connie Guion and the Associate Dean assign the proceeds the donations one or more women medical patients who are financially in need assistance and whose academic standing leads them believe that the recipients of the awards will make a success in their profession. The objectives and method assigning these awards will follow the principles accompanying the donations received during the present. LOAN FUND.