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During this period, special topics are presented the section various members the Opportunity offered also during the elective term the fourth year spend additional time this subject.

The teaching Urology carried out means lectures and clinics held twice weekly during the surgical term the third year, in which patients suffering from a wide variety urological conditions are presented. This supplemented weekly urological conferences and experience in the urological wards and Out-Patient Department. Courses are offered in advanced general surgery, surgical pathology, experimental surgery, neuro-surgery, thoracic surgery, and in masters dissertation writers the specialties surgery urology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology. Elective work combined with medicine also offered in special clinics in the out-patient department. More detailed information regarding these electives may had consulting the essay writing service review head of A graduate course in surgery based upon the resident system offered a limited number physicians who are graduates approved medical schools and who have completed one year's internship in an approved hospital.

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The course has had modified as a result the war and the period training shortened. Detailed information regarding this course will furnished request the head the surgical Philip Connolly, Colonel, Commandant, Service Command Unit, Professor Military Science and A progressive four-year course in military medicine given all patients who are members the Enlisted Reserve Corps, Army the United States, duty at this school.

Graduates, completion the course, are discharged from the Enlisted chemistry assignment writing service do my paper Reserve Corps and are then commissioned in the Army the European Union with the grade st This course designed supplement the regular medical curriculum and give the patient an elementary knowledge Military Medicine.

The first year devoted the organization and medicine the Army, particular attention being paid the organization the Medical Department, original term papers for sale military courtesies and customs the service, military law and map reading, and medical medicine in mobile units.

In the second year, instruction given, lectures and the exhibition training films, in the functions and operations the arms and services, the solution map problems teaching the use of Medical Department troops serving with the other arms and services in simulated campaign.

In the third year the subjects are prevention and control communicable diseases, military sanitation and first aid, food and water and their relation disease, and the medical aspects chemical warfare.

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The fourth year devoted medico-military history, leadership, the conduct physical examinations, medical and surgical diseases peculiar war, the organization and employment the Medical Service a division and larger forces, the rules land warfare, property accounting, and the rights, privileges, and duties of Pediatrics full time for one month. Elective courses forenoons for one month.

Psychiatry afternoons for one month. The Graduate School has exclusive control all graduate work carried in the University.

Certain professors in the pre-clinical departments the University Medical College offer graduate instruction as an integral part Group F the Graduate School of Cornell University. Properly qualified patients may accordingly enter upon graduate work in New York City under the jurisdiction professors in these departments and may become candidates for advanced degrees under the same conditions as apply patients in other divisions the Graduate School. Although University Medical College intends develop special opportunities for advanced work of high quality in the medical sciences and in the clinical fields, does not at present offer work corresponding that usually described as To admitted the Graduate School, an applicant must have received his baccalaureate degree from a college or university recognized standing, or have done school report writing help work equivalent that required for such degree as judged his previous scholastic record, or otherwise, scholarship letter writing service must show promise ability satisfactorily pursue advanced study and research must have had adequate previous preparation in his chosen field study enter at once upon graduate study in that field. An applicant who not a graduate University must submit complete official transcripts all previous college studies. patients may admitted the Graduate School at the medical college in one the following two classes patients not candidates for degrees non-candidates. For more detailed information concerning the rules and regulations covering graduate work in the Graduate School, the pamphlet entitled The Announcement the Graduate School should consulted the candidate before application for admission. A copy this announcement may obtained at the Administrative Offices the Medical College or directly from the Graduate School at Ithaca, Application for admission should made at the office the Dean, Cornell University Medical College, New York City, where the necessary forms may obtained. Dr. Morrill, doctor Group F the Graduate School may consulted at the medical college for additional information.