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A pattern replacement for the present service-centred schools must found. Further capital investment should not made how to buy essays online in service-centred or service-controlled nursing education programs. Capital investment from the public treasury should made in all nursing education programs under the jurisdiction of II. Nursing services must meet the A health service concerns itself with the physical, mental and social well-being Nursing services should available health service institutions, including institutions for rehabilitation and convalescent care institutions for long-term illness, including home care, including nursing homes such other health institutions as may be Nursing has the responsibility evaluate the quality the service needed and provided, can i pay someone to write my essay and adjust this service to changing individual or social needs. Nursing has the right define its Practitioners must possess a legally stated minimum body knowledge in order Nursing service needs can best met through fewer, possibly two groups which can differentiated the basis furKtions.

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Having differentiated their functions, the education each group must developed accordingly. in. Hnancial imf ediinents nursing education should removed.

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Society can no longer expect that patients nursing will subsidize the cost of nursing education through their service. Nursing education will cost money.

TTie financing nursing education should reflect acceptable help writing essays methods used in people automatic essay writer must offer leadership positions. Self-government and self-direction are the right and the responsibility the profession.

All other things being equal, nurses should able occupy top executive Nurses should have recognition and authority commensurate i need help writing my thesis statement with their responsibilities.

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Graduate programs in universities should develop rapidly prepare writing websites for students nurses in medicine, teaching, clinical specialties, consultation, research. V.

Acquisition new knowledge is essential a profession serving a dynamic society.

Research and experimentation should carried in relation patient care. Research and experimentation should carried in relation the medicine nursing service. Experimental programs in nursing custom paper service education help writing term papers should college essays help set determine how nursing education should developed dissertation statistics help meet the needs society. VI. The value which society places a given service should reflected in the income received for that service. Nurses are entitled just remuneration and should not expected subsidize any health program through their Organized nursing has the responsibility exert reasonable control over remuneration, conditions work, job security Retirement plans with costs shared by employer and employee should available all. Support CNA plan. Retirement and employment in our culture should take into account the biological role Many our nurses will married Entrance or re-entrance into nursing should possible following the rearing of Employment practices should encourage married women work in nursing. This Congress was held in Panama, May.