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Placed in this posi the best thing for such a witness tiou, the distinguished gentleman under such circumstances simply replied It true I cher as once did the great mental islied those theories at that time, alienist Dr.

John Gray, when, but I lived learn better, thus having given an opinion a ques substantially disarming any criti tion insanity, was cross cism that could made him in examined as the different theo his capacity as a witness in that ries from time time prevalent as case.

counsel calling him and custom note paper the witness, before the witness placed upon the stand. In that event, will quite safe for the witness closely follow the help book essay the questions counsel his answers, and volunteer little or nothing. If his answers are not full and complete enough, counsel can renew the question in the same or in other form or carry the matter into greater detail. If, the other hand, his answer tuo full or appears too eager, may create a prejudice against him which nothing can overthrow, and which the art counsel upon the other side in cross-examination and in making comments upon his testimony when summing before the jury, will very effectually use destroy his weight as an expert. Scope and Extent Examination Expert Witnesses. Having stated how experts may summoned and qualified, remains consider the scope and extent which they may The advancement the sciences and the progress research in special fields knowledge have made expert testimony large importance during the present century.

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The basis of its admission the fact that there are certain processes of reasoning which an ordinary jury incapable performing, even with the coursework help uk assistance courts and lawj ers.

Oftentimes in the medicine justice in our courts, proof given of circumstances which although admitted would have little or no significance in the mind an ordinary juror, and which he would unable contrast and compare with other facts, successfully, without the aid those more familiar with scientific matters and the inductive process reasoning than In such cases necessary that the jury should specially enlightened persons who have, throvigh training, skill and experience, acquired the power enlighten them.

A common instance and illustration this matter found in the case homicide poisoning. A human body found dead externally there may no indicia show positively the cause death. Under such circumstance the laws all civilized countries permit what called a post-mortem examination skilled physicians, who, finding no external evidences the cause death, are permitted the officers the law remove the internal portions the body for special and careful exam For general rules for the conduct expert witnesses see infra.

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SCOPE OF EXAMINATION OP EXPERT WITNESSES. ination. If this discloses traces inflammation or lesions an abnormal character, further power vested in the authorities have at the expense the State a chemical examination the internal organs. If this examination, which necessarily long and excessively technical, results in the discovery any poisonous substance, such as would produce death, and if found in sufficient quantities produce death, these persons who made the post-mortem examination and discovered the outward indications the medicine and effects the poison, and the chemists who discovered the poison itself in the tissues the in sufficient quantities produce death, are called as experts before the jury.

The postmortem examiners help me write a personal statement explain what the appearance the body was, as distinguished from the appearances the body an individual coursework help university who had died from natural causes. best write my paper website The chemist describes his course experimentation, the various deductions which made from his experiments, the tests which applied in his investigation in discovering poison, and then allowed testify that the poisonous substance was found in sufficient quantities produce the physical appearances which the postmortem examiners have described, and accomplish the death the human being in whose body the poison was found. It obvious that the power observation and the skill, which the skilled chemists and sicians used as the basis their how to find someone to write my paper reasoning in this case, were such as an'brdinary man, unskilled and inexperienced, medical school personal statement writing service would not possess, and the abilit use them must have come from the study treatises such subjects, and from teaching and experience, such an extent as entitle the persons testif ing considered the courts as qualified express an accurate and sound opinion the matters and things under investigation. Thus appears how, in such cases, a departure became essential the successful medicine justice, from the strict rule that witnesses examples of dissertation help i need to write a research paper shall testif solely matters fact and observation, and why has long been considered that some witnesses must allowed to testify opinions and conclusions. Again, in a like case, a body found bearing evidences of wounds or bruises. The question determined whether the were inflicted before or after death if before death, whether they were sufficient cause death. Some wounds and injuries might sufficiently apparent and dangerous that the common, inexperienced eye would at once detect that they were sufficient cause death. But in most instances this is not the case, and in such instances the testimony experts is required the necessity the case, show that the wounds and injuries were sufficient cause death.