Coaching & Training

Catapult Sports

Catapult Sports offers wearable technology, athlete management, and video analysis solutions for teams and athletes at all levels.



Reely uses artificial intelligence to convert game footage       into clips, highlights, and condensed games automatically.

Volt Athletics

Volt’s performance training AI builds, tracks, adapts, and evolves each athlete’s training program for continually personalized training.


Hudl is a product and service that provides coaches and players with the tools necessary to review game footage and improve team play by using said tools.


STATSports’s Apex series tracks player metrics using a GPS tracker imbedded in a STATSports vest.

Kadho Sports

Kadho Sports uses neuroscience-based technology to help athletes make faster, more accurate decisions. Kadho   Sports’s platform is used to improve players’ pitch recognition, defensive, and base-running skills.

Kinexon Sports

Kinexon Sports uses radio technology to track ball and player position and movement data in real time. They also calculate and analyze said data.

 Motus Baseball

Motus Baseball sells a wearable tech device which can be used to track pitchers’ throwing motion and usage as well as batters’ swing motion and work load.





Kinduct consolidates performance data for players to help save time and optimize athletic performance.


Pistol Lake

Pistol Lake is an ethical manufacturer of men’s activewear. Their proprietary fabrics wick sweat and resist odors like a performance fabric, but look and feel like soft vintage cotton.