2020 Transactions

July 2, 2020

Chicago: Placed OF Brett Milazzo on the Inactive List retroactive to June 25

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded OF Alex Boxwell and C Sherman Graves IV to Gateway (Frontier League) for OF Devan Ahart

Milwaukee: Placed RHP Spencer Backstrom and RHP John Richy on the Inactive List retroactive to June 25.

Winnipeg: Placed RHP Ryan Flores (LS-2), RHP Kent Hasler (LS-1), RHP Joe Lienhard (Rookie), INF Kyle Martin (LS-4), LHP McKenzie Mills (LS-3) and OF Jonathan Moroney (LS-2) on the Reserve List.

July 1, 2020

St. Paul: Released RHP Connor White and C Cody Young

Sioux Falls: Placed RHP Landon Holifield and RHP Erik Manoah Jr. on the Inactive List retroactive to June 25

June 30, 2020

St. Paul: Acquired INF Mikey Reynolds from High Point (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later

St. Paul: Signed INF Mikey Reynolds

June 28, 2020

Sioux Falls: Released C Graham Low

Sioux Falls: Signed INF Matt Morales

June 27, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: RHP Ryan Williams is playing out his option in 2020

June 26, 2020

Chicago: Released LHP Austin Wright

Fargo-Moorhead: OF Brennan Metzger is playing out his option in 2020

St. Paul: Signed RHP Paul Voelker

June 25, 2020

St. Paul: Signed OF Troy Alexander, OF Justin Byrd, RHP Mike Devine, RHP Connor White, C Cody Young and OF Sebastian Zawada

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Kurt Heyer, RHP D.J. Sharabi and INF Damek Tomscha

June 24, 2020

Chicago: Released LHP Carlos D. Diaz

Chicago: Signed RHP Garrett Granitz

St. Paul: Placed RHP Matt Pobereyko on the Inactive List

June 23, 2020

Chicago: Signed INF Blake Allemand, LHP Thomas Dorminy, C Ryan Haug and LHP Wes Helsabeck

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded RHP Cory Taylor to High Point (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Reese Gregory and INF Christian Ibarra

St. Paul: Acquired OF Troy Alexander from Southern Illinois (Frontier League) for future considerations

Sioux Falls: Released RHP Austin Boyle and OF Ricky Ramirez Jr.

June 22, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Released RHP Bryan Delgado, LHP Joe Filomeno, C Wilfredo Gimenez, C Rey Gonzalez and INF Justin Wylie

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Dustin Beggs and OF Alex Boxwell

Milwaukee: Released RHP Colby Morris and OF Derek Reddy

St. Paul: Released OF Rashad Crawford and OF Chuck Taylor

St. Paul: Signed RHP Brian Glowicki and RHP Spencer Jones

Winnipeg: Signed RHP Joe Lienhard, LHP McKenzie Mills and RHP Dylan Rheault

June 19, 2020

Chicago: Released INF Osvaldo Abreu, OF Hiroki Itakura, RHP Luis Martinez, RHP Jose Mesa Jr. and LHP Jason Seever

Fargo-Moorhead: Released LHP Patrick Boyle, INF Carlos Garcia, OF Grant Heyman and RHP Payton Kinney

Milwaukee: Released RHP Jack Charleston and INF Nelson Ward

Milwaukee: Signed C Christian Correa, RHP Ryan Kussmaul and RHP John Richy

St. Paul: Signed C Mitch Ghelfi, INF Connor Justus and INF J.C. Millan

Winnipeg: Released C Adam Gauthier, C Dustin Houle, RHP Jordan Kurokawa, LHP Mason Melotakis, OF Connor Panas, RHP Travis Seabrooke and RHP Andrew Vernon

June 18, 2020

Chicago: Released LHP Rich Mascheri

Chicago: Sold the contract of LHP Luke Westphal to Yucatan (Mexican League)

Chicago: Signed INF Joey Terdoslavich

Chicago: Placed INF Gustavo Pierre on the Reserve List

Fargo-Moorhead: Released RHP Geoff Broussard, OF Tim Colwell, INF Yhoxian Medina and RHP Todd Van Steensel

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed C Blake Grant-Parks and RHP Bret Helton

St. Paul: Released C Mike Aiello, LHP Jordan Jess, OF Michael Lang, RHP Daniel Minor, OF Dan Motl, RHP Ryan Schlosser and INF Brady Shoemaker

St. Paul: Signed C Chris Chinea

Sioux Falls: Released RHP Charles Hasty and RHP Alex Ogren

Sioux Falls: Placed LHP Eudis Idrogo, LHP Cesilio Pimentel, INF Gabriel Quintana and INF Alvaro Rondon on the Reserve List

June 17, 2020

Chicago: Signed RHP Eddie Butler and RHP Jamie Callahan

Milwaukee: Placed C Manuel Boscan on the Reserve List

St. Paul: Signed OF Max Murphy

St. Paul: Sold the contact of C Jeremy Martinez (LS-2) to Monclova (Mexican League)

Winnipeg: Signed RHP Nicholas Economos and OF Logan Hill

Winnipeg: Placed OF Willy Garcia and INF Darren Serafina on the Reserve List

The following players are free agents, with 2021 American Association rights remaining with their club.

Cleburne: RHP Garret Alexander, RHP Alex Boshers, INF Grant Buck, OF Hunter Clanin, RHP Edward Cruz, LHP Nathan Foriest, INF David Gonzalez, C Blake Grant-Parks, INF Michael Hill, RHP Jake Joyce, RHP Joe Lienhard, RHP Arlett Mavare, RHP Osmer Morales, RHP Angelo Palumbo, INF Colton Pogue, OF Angel Reyes, RHP Jesus Sanchez, RHP Bryan Saucedo, LHP Rick Teasley and RHP Jared Wilson

Gary SouthShore: RHP Nile Ball, INF Alex Crosby, LHP Kevin Escorcia, RHP Nick Floyd, OF Daniel Gardner, RHP David Griffin, LHP Seth Hougesen, OF Ray Jones, LHP Trevor Lubking, RHP Sandy Lugo, INF Tommy McCarthy, INF Jose Mercado, INF Marcus Mooney, C Rey Pastrana, INF Johnny Prather, OF Will Savage, INF Hayden Schilling, RHP Justin Sinibaldi and C Jackson Smith

Kansas City: RHP Akeem Bostick, RHP Tyler Fallwell, INF Casey Gillaspie, OF Aaron Knapp, LHP Evan Korson, C Jose Montanez, LHP Bennett Parry and INF Ramsey Romano

Lincoln: LHP Tyler Anderson, RHP Keenan Bartlett, RHP Dallas Beeler, INF Gunnar Buhner, RHP Bret Helton, RHP Jake Hohensee, RHP Carter Hope, OF Axel Johnson, LHP Kyle Kinman, RHP Logan Lombana, C Sicnarf Loopstock, INF Danny Mayer, LHP Greg Minier, INF Adrian Moreno, INF Rando Moreno, INF Yelier Peguero, INF Brallan Perez, RHP Ryan Richardson, INF Curt Smith, OF Zach Sullivan, C Zak Taylor, RHP Justin Watland and INF Zach Wilson

Sioux City: INF John Brontsema, RHP Tyler Cloyd, INF Joel Davis, RHP Max Duval, C Justin Felix, RHP Nate Gercken, OF Chase Harris, RHP Eric Karch, LHP Jairo Labourt, LHP Winston Lavendier, LHP Raudel Lazo, LHP Matt Marksberry, RHP A.J. Nitzschke, RHP Liam O’Sullivan, RHP Joe Riley, RHP Carlos Sierra, RHP Jose Tavares, OF Kyle Wren and OF Sebastian Zawada

Texas: RHP Mitchell Aker, INF Will Baker, RHP Travis Ballew, OF Justin Byrd, RHP Carlos Contreras, C Christian Correa, INF Matt Dean, RHP Juan Escorcia, RHP Parker French, RHP Tyler Garkow, INF Zane Gelphman, RHP Ian Hardman, C Stephen Haviar, RHP Zech Lemond, OF Ronnie Mitchell, RHP Chris Nowlin, RHP Pete Perez, C Alfonso Reda, OF Javion Randle, INF Cleuluis Rondon, RHP Trevor Simms and LHP Matt Terrones

June 9, 2020

Sioux Falls: Released INF Jordan Ebert, RHP Jordan Kraus and LHP Luis Pollorena

June 4, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Kevin Folman

June 1, 2020

Chicago: Released RHP Luke Wilkins

Sioux City: Signed RHP Kent Hasler

May 22, 2020

Chicago: Signed OF Hiroki Itakura

May 21, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Tyler Herron

May 12, 2020

Sioux City: Signed LHP Andrew Mitchel

May 8, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed OF Clint Coulter

May 7, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Ty Culbreth and RHP Ryan Fritze

May 1, 2020

Lincoln: Signed RHP Ryan Richardson

April 30, 2020

Chicago: Signed INF Mitch Glasser, RHP Jalen Miller and RHP Logan Sawyer

April 29, 2020

Sioux Falls: INF Andrew Ely is playing out his option in 2020.

Winnipeg: Signed LHP Travis Seabrooke

April 28, 2020

Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Mark Seyler

April 27, 2020

Lincoln: Acquired INF Ryan Long from Evansville (Frontier League) to complete an earlier transaction and signed Long to a contract

April 23, 2020

Chicago: Signed INF Edwin Arroyo

April 22, 2020

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Jake Matthys

April 21, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed OF Michael Hart

April 20, 2020

Chicago: Traded RHP Kyle Halbohn to High Point (Atlantic League) for future considerations

Chicago: Signed C Freddie Landers

April 15, 2020

Cleburne: Signed INF Grant Buck, INF Michael Hill, RHP Joe Lienhard and RHP Tyler Wilson

Kansas City: Signed INF Cito Culver

April 14, 2020

Chicago: Traded OF Kelly Dugan to Lancaster (Atlantic League) for future considerations

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Karch Kowalczyk

April 13, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Released INF Ivan Marin and RHP Ryan Richardson

Milwaukee: Signed INF Nelson Ward

April 10, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Claimed C Rey Gonzalez off waivers from Chicago

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Bryan Delgado

Sioux City: Signed OF Dario Pizzano

Winnipeg: Signed RHP John Gorman and OF Connor Panas

April 9, 2020

Lincoln: Signed LHP Greg Minier

Milwaukee: Signed LHP David Holmberg

April 8, 2020

Chicago: Signed RHP Justin Goossen-Brown, C Garrett Hope and INF Harrison Smith

Kansas City: Signed RHP Akeem Bostick

April 7, 2020

Kansas City: Signed RHP Mitchell Osnowitz

April 2, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Nicco Blank and OF K.C. Huth

April 1, 2020

Sioux City: C Dylan Kelly is playing out his option in 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed OF Jabari Henry

March 30, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Payton Kinney

St. Paul: Signed INF Chesny Young

Sioux Falls: Released INF Kevin Taylor

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Charles Hasty

Texas: Signed RHP Juan Escorcia

March 27, 2020

Lincoln: Signed RHP Bret Helton

March 25, 2020

Chicago: Signed OF Tony Rosselli

Texas: Signed OF Ronnie Mitchell

March 24, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded RHP Bret Helton to Lincoln for a player to be named later

March 23, 2020

Kansas City: Signed LHP Evan Korson

Winnipeg: Signed LHP Jose Jose and INF Eric Wood

March 20, 2020

Cleburne: Signed LHP Mason Melotakis

Sioux City: LHP Jose Velez is playing out his option in 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Sam Bragg

March 18, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Released C Daniel Comstock

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Robbie Gordon, RHP Bradin Hagens, OF Stewart Ijames, RHP Cory Taylor and INF Justin Wylie

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded LHP Sebastian Kessay to Gateway (Frontier League) to complete and earlier trade

March 17, 2020

Kansas City: Signed OF Chuck Taylor

March 16, 2020

Chicago: Sold the contract of OF David Olmedo-Barrera to Puebla (Mexican League)

Gary SouthShore: Traded INF Randy Santiesteban to Florence (Frontier League) for future considerations

Kansas City: Traded LHP Henry Owens to Sugar Land (Atlantic League) for OF Chuck Taylor

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Peyton Gray

Texas: Signed INF Zane Gelphman, RHP Pete Perez and INF Cleuluis Rondon

March 13, 2020

Kansas City: Signed INF Casey Gillaspie

Sioux City: Released OF Jeremy Hazelbaker and RHP Taylor Jordan

March 12, 2020

Lincoln: Signed INF Dan Mayer

March 11, 2020

Chicago: Signed INF Osvaldo Abreu and RHP Paul Schwendel

Sioux City: Signed C Justin Felix and RHP Jose Taveres

March 10, 2020

Chicago: Signed RHP Luis Martinez

Kansas City: Signed LHP Carlos D. Diaz

St. Paul: Signed RHP Matt Solter

Sioux City: Sold the contract of INF Jose Sermo to Puebla (Mexican League)

March 9, 2020

Chicago: Released RHP Josh Goossen-Brown, INF Trey Vavra and RHP Carlos Zambrano

Chicago: Signed OF Mike Crouse

Cleburne: Signed RHP Landon Holifield, OF Zach Nehrir and RHP Bryan Saucedo

Kansas City: Signed RHP Tyler Fallwell

Milwaukee: Released RHP Joey Wagman

Milwaukee: Signed INF Mason Davis, RHP Zach Hartman and RHP Myles Smith

Texas: Signed RHP Trevor Simms

March 6, 2020

Chicago: Signed RHP Jake Dahlberg

Cleburne: Released INF Daniel Robertson

 Cleburne: Signed LHP Nathan Foriest

 Fargo-Moorhead: Acquired INF Carlos Garcia and RHP Taylor Purus from Gateway (Frontier League) for a player to be named later and cash

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded RHP Taylor Purus and a player to be named later to New York (Frontier League) for RHP Robbie Gordon

Kansas City: Released RHP Robert Calvano

Kansas City: Signed OF Aaron Knapp

Sioux City: Sold the contract of RHP Ryan Newell to the Tampa Bay Rays

Sioux City: Signed INF John Brontsema and OF Chase Harris

Winnipeg: Released INF Dominic Ficociello, RHP Cameron McVey, INF Alex Perez and LHP Christian Torres

March 5, 2020

Kansas City: Released OF Danial Nava

Kansas City: Traded OF Danny Mars to Sussex County (Frontier League) for RHP Tyler Fallwell

Sioux City: Signed RHP Matt Marksberry

Sioux City: Traded RHP Sam Held to Evansville (Frontier League) for a player to be named later

Sioux City: Acquired OF Chase Harris from New York (Frontier League) complete a previous transaction

Texas: Signed RHP Travis Ballew and LHP Matt Terrones

March 4, 2020

Gary SouthShore: Sold the contract of RHP Christian DeLeon to Tijuana (Mexican League)

Kansas City: Signed LHP Eric Stout

St. Paul: Signed RHP Eddie Medina

Texas: Signed RHP Zech Lemond

March 3, 2020

Chicago: Signed RHP J.D. Busfield

Gary SouthShore: Signed C Rey Pastrana

Kansas City: Traded LHP T.J. House to Sugar Land (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later

Sioux Falls: Signed OF Logan Landon

March 2, 2020

Cleburne: Signed RHP Garrett Alexander and RHP Jake Joyce

Kansas City: Signed INF Jordan George and RHP Jameson McGrane

February 28, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed INF Ryan Brett

February 27, 2020

Sioux City: Signed RHP Ryan Flores and RHP Joe Riley

February 26, 2020

Lincoln: Signed RHP Keenan Bartlett

St. Paul: Released RHP Landon Beck

February 25, 2020

Kansas City: Acquired INF Cito Culver from Sussex County (Frontier League) for a player to be named later

February 24, 2020

Chicago: Released C Mitchell Kranson

Chicago: Signed INF K.C. Hobson, OF Brett Milazzo, OF Victor Roache and RHP Luke Wilkins

Chicago: Sold the contract of INF Keon Barnum to the Washington Nationals

Cleburne: Signed RHP Edward Cruz and INF Colton Pogue

Kansas City: Sold the contract of RHP Andrew DiPiazza to the Colorado Rockies

February 21, 2020

Kansas City: Released INF Adrian Marin

Kansas City: Signed RHP Jake Cosart

Sioux City: Signed RHP Liam O’Sullivan

Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Eudis Idrogo

Texas: Signed INF Matt Dean

February 20, 2020

Kansas City: Released INF Shawn O’Malley

Milwaukee: Released RHP Kurt Heyer

February 19, 2020

Kansas City: Signed RHP A.J. Schugel

Sioux City: Signed RHP Tyler Cloyd

February 18, 2020

Cleburne: Released RHP D.J. Sharabi

Gary SouthShore: Signed RHP Sandy Lugo

Gary SouthShore: Traded C Danny De La Calle to Evansville (Frontier League) for a player to be named later

Kansas City: Signed RHP Jose Mesa Jr.

February 17, 2020

Cleburne: Signed OF Hunter Clanin, RHP Arlett Mavare and LHP Rick Teasley

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed C Wilfredo Gimenez and INF Leobaldo Pina

Kansas City: Traded OF Stewart Ijames to Fargo-Moorhead for a player to be named later and cash

Texas: Signed OF Javion Randle

February 14, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Cesilio Pimentel

Texas: Signed OF Justin Byrd

February 13, 2020

Kansas City: Released RHP Jon Perrin

St. Paul: Signed RHP Ryan Zimmerman

February 12, 2020

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Spencer Backstrom and OF Adam Walker

February 11, 2020

Cleburne: Signed INF David Gonzalez, LHP Michael Gunn and RHP Osmer Morales

Sioux City: Signed RHP Nate Gercken

Sioux Falls: LHP Will Solomon is playing out his option in 2020.

February 10, 2020

Gary SouthShore: Signed LHP Kevin Escorcia and INF Jose Mercado

Kansas City: Signed C Roy Morales

February 7, 2020

Kansas City: Sold the contract of RHP Akeem Bostick to the St. Louis Cardinals

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Colby Morris and RHP Angel Ventura

Sioux City: Signed RHP A.J. Nitzschke

February 6, 2020

Kansas City: Released RHP Hunter Smith

February 5, 2020

Chicago: Released INF Jordan Dean

Kansas City: Signed OF Rashad Crawford and RHP Frank Duncan

Lincoln: Signed INF Brallan Perez

Milwaukee: Signed C Adrian Nieto

Milwaukee: Traded LHP Carlos M. Diaz and C Adrian Nieto to Southern Maryland (Atlantic League) for three (3) players to be named later

Sioux City: Signed LHP Jairo Labourt and RHP Ben Yokley

Winnipeg: Signed RHP Nate Antone and C Adam Gauthier

February 4, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Sold the contract of RHP Grant Black to the St. Louis Cardinals

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Tyler Pike and INF Correlle Prime

Kansas City: Released INF Chris Colabello

Kansas City: Signed INF Ramsey Romano

Milwaukee: Released INF Dan Ward

St. Paul: Released INF Blake Schmit

St. Paul: Signed INF John Silviano

Sioux Falls: Released RHP Tyler Herron

February 3, 2020

Chicago: Acquired RHP J.D. Busfield from New York (Frontier League) as part of a three-way trade, with Chicago owing a player to be named later to Schaumburg (Frontier League)

Cleburne: Signed RHP Angelo Palumbo and OF Angel Reyes

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed RHP Todd Van Steensel

Milwaukee: Signed INF David Washington

 Winnipeg: Signed RHP Jordan Kurokawa and INF Kevin Lachance

January 31, 2020

Kansas City: Signed INF Darnell Sweeney

Milwaukee: Released INF Devon Rodriguez

January 30, 2020

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Joan Gregorio

January 29, 2020

Winnipeg: Acquired OF Connor Panas from Quebec (Frontier League) for future considerations

January 28, 2020

Kansas City: Signed RHP Dylan Baker

Sioux City: Signed RHP Matt Pobereyko

Winnipeg: Signed INF Kyle Martin

January 27, 2020

Cleburne: Signed RHP Alex Boshers and INF Chase Simpson

Kansas City: Signed LHP Bennett Parry

Lincoln: Signed LHP Kyle Kinman and RHP Jeffrey Thompson

Milwaukee: Signed C Manuel Boscan

Sioux Falls: Signed INF Gabriel Quintana

January 24, 2020

Kansas City: Traded OF Omar Carrizales to Sussex County (Frontier League) to complete a previous transaction.

Lincoln: Signed RHP Dallas Beeler

Sioux Falls: Released RHP Mark Seyler

January 23, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF Trey Hair, RHP Brent Jones, LHP Sebastian Kessay and RHP Ryan Richardson

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded OF Devan Ahart to Gateway (Frontier League) for future considerations

St. Paul: Signed OF Dan Motl

Sioux City: Signed OF Ricky Ramirez Jr.

Winnipeg: Signed LHP Justin Kamplain

Winnipeg: RHP Kevin Hilton is playing out his option in 2020.

January 22, 2020

Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Luis Pollorena and RHP Grady Wood

January 21, 2020

Cleburne: Signed C Blake Grant-Parks and RHP Jesus Sanchez

Winnipeg: Signed LHP Kevin McGovern

January 20, 2020

Cleburne: Released RHP Nefi Ogando, INF Angel Rosa, and OF Nick Rotola

Kansas City: Signed INF Dylan Tice

Lincoln: Signed RHP Carter Hope

Milwaukee: Released INF Chris Baker

Milwaukee: Signed INF Anthony Pereira

St. Paul: Signed RHP Daniel Minor

Sioux City: Signed LHP Winston Lavendier

January 17, 2020

Milwaukee: Signed RHP Jackson Maynard and C Logan Trowbridge

St. Paul: Released RHP Mike Devine

Winnipeg: Sold the contract of RHP Garrett Mundell to the Milwaukee Brewers

January 16, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Released INF Chris Jacobs and RHP Michael Tamburino

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded LHP Aaron Ford, RHP Michael Hope, and INF Jake Vieth to Sussex County (Frontier League) for INF Trey Hair

Milwaukee: Released RHP Manny Corpas

Winnipeg: Signed C Dustin Houle

Winnipeg: Traded RHP Tyler Garkow to Texas as part of a previous trade

January 15, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF Sherman Graves

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded OF Chase Harris to New York (Frontier League) for RHP Carter Hope

Fargo-Moorhead: Traded RHP Carter Hope to Lincoln to complete an earlier transaction

Gary SouthShore: Signed INF Thomas Walraven

January 14, 2020

Chicago: Sold the contract of LHP D.J. Snelten to the Tampa Bay Rays

St. Paul: Signed OF Michael Lang

Sioux Falls: Signed INF Alvaro Rondon

January 13, 2020

Cleburne: Released RHP Charlie Gillies and RHP Stephen Johnson

Cleburne: Signed C John Nester

Cleburne: Traded INF Ryan Brett, OF K.C. Huth, and LHP Eudis Idrogo to Sioux Falls for INF Alay Lago

Winnipeg: Signed OF Willy Garcia

January 10, 2020

Chicago: Sold the contract of LHP Casey Crosby to the Los Angeles Dodgers

Lincoln: Sold the contact of RHP Ricky Knapp to the Los Angeles Dodgers

St. Paul: Released RHP Todd Van Steensel

Sioux City: Signed OF Sebastian Zawada

Sioux Falls: Signed LHP Jake Zokan

January 9, 2020

Cleburne: Traded LHP Braden Pearson to New York (Frontier League) to complete an earlier transaction

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed LHP Patrick Boyle

St. Paul: Signed INF Telvin Nash

Winnipeg: Signed LHP Mitch Lambson

Winnipeg: Released LHP Joel Bender and OF John Price Jr.

January 8, 2020

Lincoln: Signed OF Zach Sullivan and RHP Justin Watland

January 7, 2020

Kansas City: Traded RHP Tommy Collier to Sugar Land (Atlantic League) for a player to be named later

St. Paul: Traded OF Troy Alexander to Southern Illinois (Frontier League) for a player to be named later

Sioux Falls: Released RHP Alex Boshers, RHP Harrison Cooney, INF Mitch Glasser, LHP Joel Seddon, and OF Burt Reynolds

Winnipeg: Signed RHP Garrett Harris

January 6, 2020

Lincoln: Signed INF Yeiler Peguero

Sioux City: Sold the contract of Drew Stankiewicz to Tijuana (Mexican League)

Sioux Falls: Signed INF Alay Lago

Winnipeg: Acquired RHP Garrett Harris, RHP Garrett Mundell, and LHP Domenic Mazza from Trois-Rivieres (Frontier League) for cash

January 3, 2020

Cleburne: Traded C Logan Trowbridge to Milwaukee for RHP Jake Joyce and future considerations

January 2, 2020

Fargo-Moorhead: Signed INF Ivan Marin

Sioux Falls: Signed RHP Keaton Steele